MAP Members

To truly represent our community as the trusted voice of Austin musicians, we created the Musicians Advisory Panel (MAP). MAP members are chosen to represent Austin's diverse music genres, demographics and voting districts.

The MAP mission is threefold:

To Educate: MAP members complete a communication loop between city and state officials and the street level. As funding is disbursed, as programs are developed to support commercial music, and as new opportunities to improve the life and working conditions of musicians in Austin arise, MAP members will engage with their communities and educate them about policies that affect musicians.

To Advocate: MAP members will cultivate a spirit of advocacy within their genres by engaging communities in the political process. Austin musicians have THE largest political voice in this city, and as we saw in the defeat of Prop B on Nov. 5, it is indeed a powerful one. MAP members will listen and provide valuable feedback on the needs of musicians.

To Inspire: MAP members will serve our community with a heart for leadership, humility, and gratitude. MAP will seek opportunities to build bridges, tell the Austin Texas Musicians story, and help lift our city to be the worldwide leader in supporting the health of our music culture.

New MAP projects include the #ATXMUSICVOTES Initiative, led #ATXMUSICVOTES Team Members Cristina Flores and Scott Strickland. We look forward to getting more projects #ONTHEMAP as we grow!